Funny Hound's Top 25 Jokes...

Italian math test (rating: 3.72)
Disgracing the family (rating: 3.81)
Gas attack (rating: 4.05)
The blonde & the ventriloquist (rating: 3.80)
Three horrible deaths (rating: 4.43)
Moths (rating: 3.81)
Deaf newlyweds (rating: 4.13)
The Apple iBoob (rating: 3.39)
Sex with a ghost (rating: 3.73)
The elephant's memory (rating: 3.13)
The bus ride (rating: 3.80)
The cat's diary (rating: 3.52)
Sherlock Holmes (rating: 4.41)
Bug on the windshield (rating: 4.27)
Gas prices (rating: 3.38)
Breakfast at the White House (rating: 3.93)
CIA job interview (rating: 4.28)
Bubba's new truck (rating: 4.04)
Whorehouse parrot (rating: 4.55)
The wisdom of Larry the Cable Guy ... (rating: 4.33)
Always late??? (rating: 3.56)
Lawyer and the blonde (rating: 4.35)
New priest (rating: 4.25)
The Avon lady (rating: 4.05)
It's my job (rating: 4.33)
Costello buys a computer from Abbott (rating: 3.85)
Job application (rating: 4.50)
Prostitute parrots (rating: 4.50)
Bathroom mirror (rating: 4.18)
Eating grass (rating: 4.25)
Expensive perfume (rating: 4.53)
Genie's wish (rating: 4.19)
Breaking news story (rating: 3.88)



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