Jobs & Professions...

Lawyer and the blonde (rating: 4.35)
Thud! (rating: 4.50)
It's my job (rating: 4.33)
Change your course (rating: 4.57)
CIA job interview (rating: 4.28)
Do you know what I'm doing? (rating: 4.75)
All blue (rating: 4.00)
Can't get it up (rating: 4.33)
Cross examination (rating: 4.67)
Super salesman (rating: 4.50)
Desert outpost (rating: 4.30)
A long life (rating: 4.00)
Beaver hunting (rating: 4.75)
12 things never to say to a cop (rating: 3.50)
Eating grass (rating: 4.25)



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